Brothers in Benches | Urban furniture with recycled pallets | Street art in Johannesburg

“Street artist r1 recently unveiled “Brothers in Benches,” his latest urban intervention that recycles reclaimed wooden pallets into six interchangeable mobile benches. Artist r1 set the installation on wheels and rolled the pop-up seating throughout the heart of Johannesburg to observe how the public interacted with the playful street furniture. During the Absolut residency, the […]

The Alicante roller shutter, unrolls again

The Alicante shutters is part of our urban collective imagination. These wooden slat blinds have been in multiple windows and doors of houses that have seen every day, usually in historic buildings, are a response to climatic needs of the Mediterranean climate. The design of these is the result of refined development, granted its permanence […]

DIY: designing vertical gardens for tiny spaces

There are a lot of brilliant ways to take full advantage of small spaces in your garden: the key is to plant vertically and create vertical gardens. Here you can see some different low-cost examples of them. “When it comes to assembling a vertical garden, you don’t have to go out and spend a crazy […]