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Landscape intervention that reflects about the climate conditions and water scarcity in Lima.

The intervention, designed by the artist Sandra Nakamura and the activist Abel Cruz, aims to reflect about the lack of resources and growth population in Lima. Compared to other projects that treat the same issue, this proposal is outstanding because of its beauty and poetic way of approaching a problem that affects many cities in the world.

As the authors explain, Lima is “a city spread throughout the desert, whose main source of water comes from melting glaciers and is permanently covered by a gloomy cloud that rarely produces any rain.”

Apart from increasing the social awareness in relation to this problem, this landscape intervention is also a device that collects water from the permanent cloud over the city of Lima. This cloud is a natural phenomenon that produces darkness and humidity, characterising the experience of those living in the city. The authors states: “The nets provide daily up to 1,000 litres of water for a community of 500 families in the outskirts of Lima, who like millions of Limeños live without access to clean water.”




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