A Skyscraper on a Tricycle in Vietnam

Bureau A TaDiOto more than green 01

“Swiss architecture firm Bureau A created a seven-story ‘skyscraper’ on the back of a tricycle. Their
so-called Ta đi Ôtô installation roams the streets of Vietnam’s capital Hanoi and can be used or various
purposes, such as a performance space or street kitchen. The Geneva-based designers created the cycle
skyscraper for Tadioto, a local bar and cultural center. The multipurpose structure’s flexible design
can be plugged into the urban fabric when necessary, and allows for various functions, ranging from a
vertical street-food restaurant to an exhibition space.”


(via popupcity.net)


Bureau A TaDiOto more than green 02bureau-A-ta-di-oto-designboom-02 more than greenTa-đi-Ôtô-cycle-skyscraper-2 more than greenTa-đi-Ôtô-cycle-skyscraper-4-more than green