Agronautas: exploring relationships between people and rural

Agronautas is a multidisciplinary project that addresses the relationship between people and the countryside. Through activities such as workshops, interviews or building architectural artifacts or street furniture, undergo review and coexistence of the agents involved in our relations with the environment are explained.

The documentary dealt inter alia the problems of intensive agriculture, the relationship between agriculture and ecology in these times of over exploitation, the balanced relationship with the technique and its progress, and social relationship it had with citizens.

“Agronautas [Documentary] is a documentary fruit of the first exploration phase of the project Agronautas. During 2011 and 2012, 40 collective experiences were recorded. A total of 56 people who develop initiatives to reformulate the relationship between people and the natural environment either individually, or in communities through their work.

Agronautas [Documentary] collects the highlights of these interviews with the aim of spreading projects and based on minimizing human impact on the environment activities and consumption of resources and energy. These views and experiences, despite its importance as a collective benefit, are often very visible to the public. The project is a first step in research and aims to open the debate and reflection on the reformulation of exchanges of people with the environment in a holistic way.”




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