An 18th-century pigsty turned into showroom

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The rehabilitation project consists in the insertion within the ruin of a simple wooden box of the same volume, size and rhythm of openings. An example of how to reuse the existing architecture from the recognition and respect for its identity.

“This transformation of an 18th century pigsty into a showroom is an extraordinary work of rehabilitation. The modest original building was in poor condition and it did not seem possible to propose a complete restoration at a reasonable price. For this reason, the architects, with unquestionable talent and a decisive intellectual positioning, proposed the insertion within the ruin of a simple wooden box of the same volume, size and rhythm of openings”.

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“After inserting the prefabricated box in the holder, the connection between the two structures was conducted through the carpentry and glazing. The gable roof protects the new wooden interior and the original walls”.

According to the architects: “It’s like a mold of the former use of the building. The visitor today may feel uncomfortable for not knowing the reason why the window is right on the corner of the building, or why it is so small. Pigs never questioned it”.

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