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Architect by the University of Alicante (2012) and Professor Ad-Honorem (2012), she has been awarded with several prizes in national and international competitions. Amongst them: (2009) runner-up in Schindler National Prize, (2010) Honorable Mention in Archmedium Prize for the Athen’s Olympic Museum, (2010) Honorable Mention in SB10mad or (2012) runner-up in SC2012 Links: Bridging Rivers Sevilla. Co-founder, along with José Bernad Torá, of the architecture and design group Make it BETTER. In parallel, she develops research projects focused on landscape, new contemporary dynamics, technology as well as on architectural representation. In this sense, her Final Degree Project “Gleaner-Voucher” is the meeting point of all those lines of flow that define her as an architect.

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