Baixa-mar, espelhos do céu.

Baixa-sea, espelhos do céu is a project conducted by Iván Juárez with the support of Sacatar Foundation, is a dialogue with nature from the cycle of transformation of the sea.

Sundry scenarios executed on the dune at low tide, are proposed as private places or small oasis to watch the shifting landscape offered by the island from the coast: the horizon of the bay, the profiles of the islands of Maré and Dos Frades and the profile of the city of Salvador. We can watch the fishermen in their boats and clam harvesters along the dune. But above all, watch the natural spectacle offered by the sea during the day with the movement of the tide. At dusk, when the tide goes up, the dune and its scenarios disappear under the sea. Next day, with the low tide, the small oasis are rediscovered, but this time like mirrors in the sky..”


(via metalocus)