C.A.R. urban cages by Anónima

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Car cages transformed into social spaces. In some Mexican cities, the urban environment is characterised by the presence of car cages. These urban elements were self-built by citizens who, not having parkings, looked for solutions to park their cars in safe places. Throughout the decades, these informal elements have colonized the city and made the car the main character of the urban scene. Not only had it resulted in aesthetic urban damages, but also citizens were deprived of using these places with social purposes. The phenomenon is a clear example of the conflict that exists in the cities where population deals with an increasing number of cars and less pedestrian areas.

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The project C.A.R., designed by the Mexican group Anonima, is a masterplan aimed to transform the use of this type of informal architecture. Amongst the activities taking place there, we can find small cinemas, green houses, or bicycle parking. Indicating the activity taking place in them, the group designed the façade of the C.A.R. cages in order to improveme the urban scene. This façade system is provided with indications that explain how to customize their car cages according to the activity that the owner will carry out there.


(via Anónima)

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