Naked Streets by Hans Monderman

Naked streets is a new negotiation model of public space.

The naked streets are the urban ways where all traffic signs have been removed and where the concept of shares space is applied. The aim is to create urban spaces where pedestrians, drivers and cyclist negotiate its use.

Hans Monderman is its forerunner. He holds that, by means of spaces where there is a previous negotiation, security is higher and the atmosphere is calmer and more attractive. Following these principles, Monderman undertook some interventions in some Dutch cities like Friesland.

In order to make safer and more attractive communities, Monderman holds traffic signs must be the first thing to remove from the streets. In his opinion, only when the way looks more dangerous, as it has not sings, it is when drivers pay attention to pedestrians and, thus, the negotiation happens. As a result, walking the street becomes safer.