Center for Land Use Interpretation

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“…with the aim of examining the relationships between the physical landscape and its human occupation.”

This is a centre that focuses its attention on the way that communities inhabit the landscapes. As such,  it does not only raise the issue of  the environmental conflicts of cities, but also how these affect the lyfe style of their inhabitants. For this reason, both this centre and the different initiatives that are carried out there are a good example of environmental sustainability.

“The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) is a research organisation established in 1994 in Culver City, Los Angeles by Matthew Coolidge. The largely volunteer run, non-profit organisation is funded through government and private arts grants(…). This is carried out through an investigation into different land uses, their ownership, and the economic and cultural value associated with parts of the landscape. The work is disseminated through a variety of means including the setting up of databases, publications, exhibitions, lectures and residency programmes, as well as the more unusual format of bus tours and the use of placards and information kiosks.”

“Through different methods, this centre raise awareness and stimulate debate about the physical landscape in the US, from vast working factories to abandoned military facilities or sewage treatment works and waste incinerators. Their research uncovers the variety of unusual and often environmentally catastrophic uses that support the lifestyle that we are used to in developed countries.”


(via Spatial Agency)

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