CO2 Footprint by ASA

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A tool that assesses CO2 footprint produced by buildings.

ASA is a Spanish association that focus on the sustainability of the architecture produced in Spain. ASA has fostered some initiatives -such as workshops, congresses, and books- aimed to aware architecture professionals towards the importance of building sustainable cities.

In this line, ASA and the Spanish government have developed a tool that can be daily used by architects and citizens in order to assess the buildings regarding their CO2 emissions. As easy as joining the platform, users will be able to evaluate the materials and processes by which they build and design their architecture. This proposal also enables the users to compare the data of design stage and the C02 emissions of the real buildings.

In comparison with other initiatives, this one is specially remarkable as it influences the design process and provides the designers with a tool to compare the project and the real building. Do you want to know how much CO2 your building produces? Visit the website and discover it!


(via ASA)

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