Compost islands proposed for New York


“From 2012, every time they are more the neighborhoods of New York that separate their organic garbage. With the garbage renewable energy and natural fertilizer is generated, in a bet of the persons in charge of the city for taking care more of the environment reducing emission and increasing the recycling. However, the ecological initiative might go beyond. This way Present Arquitecture suggests the architect’s office in their project Green Loop. Instead of sending this waste to very distant zones with plants of transformation, these might be created in the same Great Apple, avoiding expenses like transport and problems of traffic and pollution. How? Green Loop’s offer consists of a network of ten circular islands placed in the waterways that cross the metropolis and provide 837 kilometres of littoral to her. In them they would install floors of compostaje covered by green spaces paid with the product of their”subsoils”. The rest of the compost might be commercialized. The islands would come to enrich the spaces opened of the city, scantier in proportion the number of inhabitants that in other American cities.

Of this form one would give new life to the aquatic zones that pass between the different areas and one would give a more local dimension to the management of the residues. Still it is for seeing if the Authorities decide to give their support to a plan that seems to offer good advantages.”


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