EcoCasa Suyana: first ecological, economical and social home 100% open source in Argentina

EcoCasa Suyana

Suyana means “hope” in Quechua language. EcoCasa Suyana is a project lead by a young couple of engineers and travelers. Noa is French and Venezuelan, she is a Chemical Engineer specialized in Water treatment. She quit her job in a big company to search for real social solutions for south american communities. Cristian is a football head-coach and Electronic Engineering student in UBA, and sponsor of a rural school in Chaco, the poorest region of Argentina.

They decided to change their life nine month ago. They sold their few possessions in Buenos Aires and began a trip in Latin America. Just before leaving, they received the wonderful news that they would be parents. This did not stop the youg couple’s adventure, and instead gave it more meaning.

During their trip, they discovered social and environmental problems that appeared to have an easy solution, but they noticed unfortunately that these solutions are not as obvious to the local population and are not implemented.

With a baby on its way, they thought of their new responsibilities and about what kind of world they want for their daughter.

The idea of EcoCasa Suyana project is to build a green, sustainable, affordable home, that can be a model for the construction of community housing. Noa and Cristian realized that “in order to improve the quality of life and reduce the impact on the environment, we need to bring together various sustainable technologies and practices into one place: in a house that can be visited and serve as an inspiration for better housing”.

Each stage will be documented and all the project will be 100% open source in order to share the information massively and for free. Each decision taken will be justified, depending on the climate, population and the materials available in order to adapt the model to other locations.

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