Ecosecha: agroecological collaborative consumption in Madrid


“Ecosecha, is a citizen initiative that takes years to develop another model of consumption in the city. This model is cooperative, collective and acquires the contemporary conditions of aggregation in communities of interest.”

“This cooperative is dedicated to the production of certified organic food. Ecosecha grown a few kilometers from the city Madrid, being one of the initiatives of farming and agro-ecological consumption belonging to Kilometer 0. That is, what is produced is consumed in an area of small action promoting local development, seasonal varieties and exerting a responsible policy in the middle of the city of Madrid.”



There are more than 80 points to collect food, which in turn distributed to private homes. This strategy ensures lower fuel consumption in the distribution and also promotes neighborhood relationship.

It is very important in this cooperative project that meets the educational aspect, becoming the fields in a meeting place at the weekend to assist in the maintenance, meet the cultivated products and forms of farming. Something totally estranged from the knowledge that can be acquired in the Madrid city in their day to day, just a few kilometers away.

In addition, Ecosecha manages and promotes the seed bank of Madrid, which allows the exchange of seeds, increasing diversity of species and promoting the exchange of products and specific knowledge.