Emergency Shelter in Australia


“Young Australian designers, Nic Gonsalves and Nic Martoo from leading architecture firm Conrad Gargett Riddel, have won an international award for their innovative emergency shelter design for victims of natural and man-made disasters. Showcased in Brisbane’s King George Square last year and having recently toured to Melbourne’s Federation Square last month, their design provides ease of fabrication without the use mechanical tools; a place to house both occupants and their belongings; and the ability to control the level of engagement with the outside world through a flexible skin of solid, translucent and transparent shingles. More images and the designers’ description after the break.

Natural disasters inherently cause much more than just physical damage and destruction of property to those who live in affected areas. Victims are reminded of the fragility of human existence and will endure a tough emotional recovery, facing a loss of comfort, security and control over their surrounding environment.

The shelter has been conceived as a retreat that will return to victims a sense of control, facilitating the recovery process through its inhabitation. The core ideas behind the shelter design are: Ease of assembly without mechanical tools; Elevation above the ground plane; To provide a place for both the occupants and their belongings; The ability to control the level of engagement with the outside world; Flexibility to allow personalization and to create a sense of ownership; and the ability for transportation and reuse.”


(via archdaily.com)