“End of line: An archaeology of silence” by Héctor Peinador

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A series of photographies that look into the relationship between the building industry in Beijing and the existing city; between what is being constructed and what is being abandoned. This example of cultural sustainability puts forward how certain types of urban development ignore the tradition and the identity of the existing city and its inhabitants.

According to Susana Sanz, exhibition’s curator: “The periphery of Beijing is the broken line that Héctor Peinador traces as he explores its superimposed strata and ruined remains. It is the metaphorical silence of this scenery, mute and void of any footprints, where the noise from the construction and destruction is strongest. It is the starting point from which mil- lions of Chinese citizens commute to work downtown, and where they ultimately survive.

In the periphery are borders, born from the encounter of different urban fabrics and textures, that hide from us the places we cannot see — the places no one ever shows us. But as the photographer’s lens excavates the palimpsest of Beijing, the spectator’s gaze follows it through this archaeology of silence.

(Photographies © Héctor Peinador)


(via Metalocus)

Hector Peinador more than green

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