Errant – Héctor Zamora



“Errant, an artwork by Héctor Zamora, located at Avenida do Estado, facing the city market, Mercado Municipal de São Paulo, is the first result of the Project Margem, created by Itaú Cultural. The intervention consists of the elevation of a set of large-sized trees over a 400 meter area, on Tamanduateí river bed. The trees are supported by an iron framework and steel cables, as if to create a suspended and surreal garden on the surrounding area of a place that is still called Parque D. Pedro II.

Suspension is actually the key word to describe this piece, pointing both to its physical and metaphorical reality: the epiphany of another latent, phantasmagorical city, which seems to emerge and rise over the real city, suspending it. The poetic content is paradoxically delicate and aggressive at the same time.”


(via Héctor Zamora web)