HELIX temporary habitat by ootro estudio


“The tiny Helix shelter is made using laser-cut cardboard pyramids with holes in their corners that allow partial views from the inside. The designers, ootro estudio, created the prototype to be used as a space for rest and contemplation that is easily installed by a single person.

The project was born as an independent initiative with the aim to establish a relationship of respect between the individual and the landscape. It is micro-architecture implanted non-aggressively in the natural surroundings as an intermediary between the observer and the observed, and a nomadic shelter exploring new ways of building a more ephemeral and transient habitat. The team works with storage pallets and the byproducts of other industrial processes to create interesting architectural objects. Helix can be transported and assembled by one person, attributes that give it the character of “snail shell” in which you can configure a single space.

The designers ensured that the pieces do not exceed the maximum size easily managed by one person, while the connections between the corner “pyramids” were created through folds and flaps, avoiding the use of additional materials like glue.”

(vía inhabitat)