€uroestafa. The dark history of the single currency

Two years ago, we published a post in which we presented an initiative: €uro, realising a fraud. Guillermo Cruz, after other projects with high relevance and dissemination as €SPANISH DR€AM, proposed making a documentary based on economic studies veges Ricard, which call into question the development towards European economic and monetary union.

Thanks to the trust of 332 people who jointly funded the project through a crowdfunding campaign, we can present the final document:

“The documentary explains the keys of the current European crisis focusing specially in Spanish. Economic analysis begins in the present and do a reverse chronology through year 93, when the European Union decides to have a single currency. Since this time, large companies and banks in the countries of the European Union began to do some maneuvers of questionable legality awaiting the arrival of the new currency. “


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