fdp_LUDIC INDUSTRY by Cristina Jódar Pérez

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Year: 2012



“Commonly, the festivity has been considered as a manifestation that has nothing to do with serious and important questions about life. Leisure was considered as an existence’s supplement. It only was an activity among other things. It has been defined as a pointless and useless activity, and in the way it is not obligatory, it was opposed to the work always. That is why it is common to restrict festivity to the rest time.”

What would it happen if we defend the celebration in the workday?

The Project consists in create a ludic-industrial and educational complex in Puerto Lumbreras, which installations are rented to extern companies that will introduce their own representation in this place, in return for teaching professional training classes to the Puerto Lumbreras citizens.

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The entire action is accompanied by a strategy which has been designed for recovering the village identity, regaining their natural elements (these ones are missing nowadays), and making come back their spontaneous festivities, which have being repeating throughout the history of Puerto Lumbreras.

The idea appeared from a project about an industrial park. It is pretended to be built in the strategic focus that connects the city of Lorca with Puerto Lumbreras. This one is formed by four millions squared meters of industrial installations that can improve the place economy.


Puerto Lumbreras has been until recently a stop place. National road passed through the center of the town and that made travelers to stop at its hotels and restaurants. This “tourism” was the town’s principal source of incomes.

However, the highway’s construction, which currently goes along the edge of the town, made disappear this source of incomes. Since then, people have tried to recover their tourism in a lot of ways, but these efforts have consisted in very punctual actions that have not got this aim, in nearly all cases.

Last attempt has been that industrial Project about we were talking in previous paragraphs. Personally we consider that this project plan is not the suitable for a town as small as Puerto Lumbreras, which is rooted in their habits, too.

Therefore, what we propose here is to create transformations, keeping this industrial plan and the area that is pretended to be built.
What we suggest is to create a project from the place’s identity. A plan where the citizens will be connected to it. An industrial project composed by three fundamental spaces (craftsmanship, industrial and a learning area) that manage to connect citizens between them, and attract tourism. It is not pretended to solve a problem, but do an ambitious industrial project that merge from the town’s identity. This project is designed for work as a social connector, finding in this way the acceptance, implication and town’s participation.

“Ludic Industry” project is not just limited to the construction of several installations related to leisure and industry. It is included a recovery of large part of the farming plots that currently are neglected by the lack of watering and maintenance. In this project is expected to rehab the antique watering system and the underground water’s catchment galleries from Nogalte’s Mediterranean river, central concept of the project.” (by Cristina Jódar Pérez)

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