fdp_ Portable auditorium, deployable and transformable acoustically by Laura Brotóns Martínez



Title: Portable auditorium, deployable and transformable acoustically by Laura Brotóns Martínez



Year: 2012


The project emerges from the union between two of the considered Fine Arts: architecture and music.

It is a research of innovative spaces through architectural experimentation in relation to sound. There is not only one acoustic typology that fits for all music, but specific spaces are needed, with specific sound characteristics; depending on the acoustic necessities each concert has.

The project reinvents the auditorium concept, understood as a space for the classical music concerts. So the sound is a basic tool for the architectural design. The auditorium is conceived as a large musical instrument that allows the sounds to become music.

Can an architectural space transform itself to adapt acoustically to the necessities the music interpreted in the inside has?

This reflection is the point to start the project, which is materialized as a flexible space into six formal organizations, varying according to the acoustic and performing necessities that the concert has.

The auditorium has a single formal pattern, transportable, deployable and with the capacity to transform. A tunable space, through the movement of the panels that shape it. It is a space with the aptitude to adopt three different acoustic typologies, depending on the position of the panels in the side and on the roof.

-Reverberant: for melodic concerts with grave range.

-Diffuser: for melodic concerts with piercing range.

-Anechoic: for the rhythmic musicality concerts.

Constructively, the auditorium has a base structure out of aluminium bars hinged together in which armed panels are adhered; they form an inseparable whole. The structure is mechanized by an internal electrical system, which allows the panels’ rotation, forming a structural pattern that can acquire different positions without dissolving.

It is a present project and consistent with the time in which is erected. It seeks the economy as a portable condition. A single acoustic space to lodge music in infinite places. An auditorium is capable of bringing music to any nook in the world.