FICCIÓN INMOBILIARIA by Left Hand Rotation (part 2)

ficcion inmobiliaria-left hand rotation-more than green_2

Ficción Inmobiliaria is an audiovisual research and non-profit project with artistic, educational and/or critical intentions created by the collective Left Hand Rotation through the platform (also created by the collective) Museo de los Desplazados. It consists on a serie of documentaries dealing with gentrification processes and housing problems through the fiction film, with more than 30 movies of all time and 11 nationalities.

It is worth commenting that gentrification is a process of urban transformation in which the original population of a sector or deteriorated neighborhood, generally with middle and low incomes, is gradually displaced by another of higher purchasing as a result of reclassification of land’s programmes of strategic urban spaces.

“Ficción Inmobiliaria serie keeps going compiling materials found in fiction films where the problems associated with the issue of housing (poperty speculation, gentrification processes and the consequences of globalization in the contemporary city) appear in the main plot or playing a role of some significance in its narrative line.”

(+info: Museo de los Desplazados)

(Via: Left Hand Rotation)