Finucci creativity by María Cristina Finucci

Maria Cristina Finucci, renowned architect and designer (1956), she combines her artistic facet with a facet more solidarity. She embarked on Wasteland, a project that aims to raise awareness about the Current pollution of the seas, a few years ago.

37,000 tons of waste and plastic make five islands that float in the oceans. Finucci found inspiration in the islands to create “The Garbage Patch State”, a garbage state symbolically recognized by Unesco as a federal state.

Her latest project, two metal cubes projected a video at 360 ° inside, has reached the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice. The images will you make feel surrounded by a sea plastic caps.

Finucci’s intention is to create “art adapted to the contemporary world, using all platforms available in my reach. ”


(vía María Cristina Finucci)