Fountains, intervention by Maider López in San Sebastián


The project recovers fountains that had been removed from the city since the 60s.  “This ensemble and compilation tugs at people’s memories and seeks to create public space, through history, memories and the reuse of urban furniture that has fallen into disuse”.

“Thus, fountains that were originally installed during the 60s or 80s in different parts of the city, as Okendo or Oñati streets, will work now next to the fountain of the former Morlans gas factory that was removed in 1990, or the one that used to be located at the San Marcial de Alza square, removed in 2001”.


“López underlines the ability of people to transform the public space through their use of it, and how the memory of short stories linked to the fountains in different times builds a greater narrative, referring to the individual memory as part of the collective memory”.

In the artist’s words, “when you see a fountain, which you may not realized that it was gone, its exact location comes to your mind and takes you back in time”.








(images via Maider López)