Garten at Bikini Berlin by Rebecca Louise Law.


“Garten is an art installation comprised of 30,000 bright flowers currently adorn the atrium of the concept mall Bikini Berlin. Suspended via copper wire, the flowers invite viewers to revel in the beauty of spring. The installation is named simply ‘Garten,’ or ‘garden’ in German, and was created by London artist Rebecca Louise Law.

After the dreary landscapes of winter, the vibrant flowers are meant to hail the beauty of the coming seasons. Gerberas, chrysanthemums, carnations, orchid blossoms, hydrangeas, freesia, lisianthus, and roses were all donated by, an ongoing campaign spearheaded by the Flower Council of Holland. Decorating 1,550 square feet, the flowers hang via copper wire to create a vivid, picturesque display.
The art will slowly change along with the season, as the flowers dry before they’re taken down in May. The bursts of color also provide a contrast to the concrete and glass of the 1950’s post-war architecture present in the Bikini Berlin building.
The artist is renowned for international art installations that incorporate natural elements such as branches, apples, or of course, thousands of flowers. Her installations are often meant to evoke reflection on beauty and humanity’s relationship with nature. She’s worked with brands such as Hermès and Jimmy Choo, and has installed art in locations like London’s Royal Academy and New York City’s Times Square. Garten is her first art installation in Germany.”

(vía coolhunting)