Harmen de Hoop

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Art that increases the social awareness regarding the public spaces. Harmen de Hoop is a project that includes several types of activities around the social aspect of the urban scene. Thus, it does not only carry out exhibitions or texts, but also developes small scale urban interventions that show in a very clear way that the citizens must have a relevant role in the design of the city.

Amongst others, the implementation of basketball courts in bizarre and conflictive urban areas stand out. The people behind this project have also developed an action that consists of putting up fire extinguishers in the streets. These interventions show us that the streets need people taking care of them; both physically and in relation to how they use them.

“More recently Harmen de Hoop gets people to participate in his work. Sometimes as ‘Proposals for permanent outdoor sculptures’ or as protagonists in a staged event. As with his anonymous sculptures in public space the working method remained the same; he visits and photographs an unlimited number of locations in the chosen city. Until he finds the right site for his intervention. Due to the temporary nature of the work, these actions are documented and presented in the form of publications. ”

(Harmen de Hoop)

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