“How can I improve my park?”: a social initiative in NY

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“Whether you need a bench repaired or want a basketball court, improving your local park is a confusing process to navigate. If you aren’t familiar with the many layers of New York City Government, it’s hard to know where to even begin. CUP teamed up with New Yorkers for Parks, Partnerships for Parks, designer Elana Schlenker, and illustrator Leslie Wood to create a poster that makes it easier for people of all backgrounds and all of the city’s neighborhoods to advocate for improvements in their local park. The poster lays out the different agencies and officials involved in the process — from neighborhood park maintenance staff all the way to the mayor — and tells you when and how to talk to them to build support and raise funds for your park project. New Yorkers for Parks, CUP, and Partnerships for Parks will distribute “How Can I Improve My Park” at a free Partnerships Academy launch event for advocates at the Parks Department’s Arsenal headquarters.”


(via CUP)

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