Hyper agricultural landscape

“The countryside has a structure visible from the satellite that reflects its social and ecological balance and its relationship with the city evolved over the centuries. Recent developments, related to the digital age, are changing so fast these balances, creating risks of involution urban decline and landscape, among them the emergence of sub-urban areas, often characterized by social segregation and landscaping, as well as a strong lack of identity and architectural quality.  Starting from the meaning “thick ground” and “ecoLogical condenser” the concept seeks to imagine the level zero of the project as a three-dimensional surface that can accommodate programmatic functions of social and community and connect them to a series of intensified crop production processes. This concept of level zero allows to manage in an innovative way the division between public areas and its services with private property areas so as to avoid segregation of duties, and to foster social and ecological exchange.”


(via EcoLogicStudio)