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HYPERTUBE is part of Landscape Tetuan Project, an artistic and management project that promoted the citizen participation about the use and the improve of public space and the generation of most value a day-to-day landscape in this Madrid neighborhood. In the project are involved groups related to artistic, architectonic or landscape areas in some places that were collectively defined:

“- Leopoldo Luis Square: Where are involved Estudio Montes & Pez ArquitectosGerminando & Perricac.

– The empty plot of Matadero St. with Ángel Puech St.: Where are involved MoeniaLa FresqueraLa Galería Magadena & Mood Studio.

– The empty plot of Hierbabuena St.: Where are involved: Pkmn & Taller de Casquería in #HYPERTUBE.

– The empty plot of Lope de Haro St.: Where are involved Basurama & Zuloark.”

The overall project and HYPERTUBE are projects that have a social vocation: through the generation of urban landmarks and organizing events around them, catalyzing urban activity and generating assembly. All of them, basic inputs on social sustainability.

Furthermore, Hypertube in relation to the particular proposal is also considered  environmentally sustainable. The use of prefabricated elements avoids additional environmental costs compared to building elements. These are produced in series with measured dosages and material properties, besides being in stock and therefore be a generated energy expenditure.

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“#HYPERTUBE = #HardSquare + Conditioning with urban elements

#HYPERTUBE wants to be a meeting place for neighbors and passers. It is an easily understandable and occupiable space that aims to offer many possibilities of use and enjoyment as the neighbors want to imagine the square.

#HYPERTUBE is a large object that is constructed by stacking prefabricated reinforced concrete pipe 2 feet in diameter and 2 feet in length. The dimension of the chosen pipe meets the need for them to be able to be colonized and usable inside, allowing an adult can stay comfortably standing completely. These tubes are connected together by a staircase also facilitates access to the interior in the top two levels.

#HYPERTUBE looks to join at different levels and overlay those activities that are usually performed in a public place like sit to relax, talk, look, read, lunch…. The fact of using tubes placed in height allows these activities may be carried sheltered from the weather adding also the possibility to enjoy an elevated view over the rooftops of the neighborhood.

For this purpose some of the tubes will be equipped inside with banks in various provisions, while others will be left blank for a more free and open use.

#HYPERTUBE also incorporate color on the inside of the tubes as well as the access stairs to further reinforce its character object to the monumental and open to appropriation by citizens instead.

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#HYPERTUBE bets on:

#01 The search for alternative solutions facing the homogenisation of public space by working on intermediate situations, between the public bench and the public playground.

#02 The generation of urban infrastructures that are able to include implementations and changes. Against the idea of closed construction or immovable work, the project explores which are the possibilities for becoming evolutionary, changeable, improved or even removed.

#03 The inclusion of users and aesthetics that lack representation on public spaces in order to allow the project to become a gatherer and condenser of heterogeneous urban situations in opposition to stereotyped urban design and preventive urbanism and with the intention to amplify the range of elements that configure the collective imagination associated to public spaces.

#04 The establishment of a starting point on the refurbishment of a municipal empty plot that owns all the characteristics to become a new public meeting area on the neighbourhood: there is a magnificent tree on one of its sides, it is a crossing point from the interior areas of the district towards the crowded Bravo Murillo street, it has a municipal swimming pool situated across the road and several public equipments nearby… Is there a better offer?

#05 The testing and monitoring of the project by the designers and managers themselves, which are, at the same time neighbours and that believe on participation beyond direct questioning and surveys. The process has just begun.

#06 The exploration of the possibilities of an habitable monumentalisation.



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