Ignasi Aballí

Ignasi Aballi-more than green (3)

“The work of Ignasi Aballí (Barcelona, 1958) represents a permanent reflection on the relationship between artistic creation and everyday life, especially those elements that are not perceived but form part of our daily lives. (…) [His work] proposes that visitors look beyond appearances, read between the lines, search beyond the visible world. (…) [One of his works shows] a number of different electronic measuring devices presented in glass cases allude to the idea of the invisible – those things that the human eye cannot see but which nonetheless the body is aware of: The wind, time, sound, radiation, composition, temperature and air humidity, atmospheric pressure, and so on. (…) The invisible is also the essential feature in Niebla, a series of landscape photographs hidden by this atmospheric phenomenon.” (Images Sources: web de Ignasi Aballí, Undo.net, and vvork.com)


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