Independent Creative Space – Córdoba

Colaborativa en Toronto from colaborativa on Vimeo.

“The Independent Creative Space is a social economy project that we are promoting in Cordoba for recovering publicly owned buildings into sharing work spaces for the creative and cultural industry. This project began in 2010 after finding a great amount of abandoned publicly owned buildings in our city, which due to various reasons could not find the economic funds required for their maintenance. As each day goes by with these buildings remaining closed, their recovery becomes even harder in the future. We researched different uses for their recovery allowing the building restoration with no public funds and generating a collective benefit. We also believed in actions driving the economic activities that are based on creativity, shared management and good quality jobs. The Independent Creative Space offers shared work spaces at an affordable price, with sharing resources and a continuous cultural and training programming. Thus we want to increase the key role of creative/cultural industries in Cordoba’s productive model and we believe in an economic model based on supporting local talent. (…)”