Innesti project

innesti more than green

An urban intervention developed by the collaboration of citizens, students, and architects.

The street art festival in Sapri, OLTRE IL MURO, has relied on several cultural groups and institutions (amongst others, Cilento Labscape, Recollocal, Colla, or The fab Hub) in order to carry out the temporary transformation of an underused urban spaces. The project started when the University launched a workshop in July 2014 based on the research project of several students and researchers. The project consisted of creating a local network of local associations whose goal was to “co-design and self-construct a new “courtyard” for a suburb of the city taking into account inhabitants’ needs”.

The place where the intervention takes place is very important for the daily life of the local –living most in the complex housing nearby. The main goal of this project is to transform the urban space into a common place for collective innovation. Thus, the urban experience will change into the continuous exchange of the ideas proposed by students, inhabitans, the University, and cultural groups.

The new design of this urban space consists of a series of elements that encourages the citizens to spend their time in this place: benches, tables, vegetable gardens, a colourful “carpet” painted by the local kids, etc.

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