Intersection Repair

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The Intersection Repair project started in Portland as a social initiative to transform an urban street interesection into a public square. Being aware of the lack of public spaces aimed to be used by the inhabitants of the cities, the community of Portland launched a project to rethink a urban scene that has been designed “with a single purpose in mind: moving cars around”.

“With an Intersection Repair, that public space is reclaimed for the whole community. The intersection of pathways becomes a place for people to come together. The space becomes a Place – a public square.” Thus, the people work together to transform the puclic space into a collective creation by painting the pavement and setting up urban furniture.

Intersection Repair more than green (1)

“Each Intersection Repair project is the work of neighborhood residents. It is the people who live in the neighborhood who decide that they want the public square, what it will look like, how it will function and how it will develop. One neighborhood may paint a giant mural on the intersection and stop there. Another may go through many phases: painting the street, installing a community bulletin board, building a mini-cafe on a corner, reconstructing the intersection with brick and cobblestones, opening businesses to make it a village center… and on and on!”

This is another example of tactical urbanism, this movement that shows how society is becoming aware of their right to reclaim the streets.


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Intersection Repair more than green (1)