“Jaden Tap Tap”

“Long considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world, Cite Soleil has often been approached with caution by international organizations in Haiti. But a recent partnership between Bochika, SAKALA, SOIL and other organizations is trying to change that though an innovative program of sustainable development and youth empowerment.

Working together with the local community, these organizations identified land that had once been used as a garbage dump. Using these materials, along with funding from a private foundation, they created “Jaden Tap Tap,” now Haiti’s largest urban garden. Jaden Tap Tap uses above-ground gardening techniques to “transform refuse into resources” – tires are now colorful planters and small bags of water now hold tiny seeds. Together, they have created a space with over 500 brightly-painted tire gardens, a flower garden and tree nursery.

Along with transforming the space, the project aims to improve food security by making healthy food locally available while providing a safe space for youth and families. The area features a soccer field, basketball court and meeting area, providing structured activities for youth. In addition, the garden provides training to the community, allowing them to maintain the garden. There are currently 250 youth and adults training as “specialists” on specific crops.”


(via haitirewired.wired)