“Knowledge Train” by AL BORDE


“Projected by Al Borde; a train that travels through the Coast of Ecuador carrying culture and knowledge. The project recovers an old train and its tracks, a abandoned infrastructure becomes a hub of activity.


The train car has been selected to be part of the railway system recovery program by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture & Heritage. But unlike other elements that make up this restoration project, this boxcar carries neither freight nor tourists, but culture and public space.


The reactivation of the railway is a great event for the communities on its route. After twelve years of absence these settlements not only recover a means of communication and are reactivated economically, but they also recover, in many cases, their vocation.


Cultural promoters will use the train car as an activator of public space in the stations where it stops. The project must be able to allow musical performances, theater, community training, celebrations, etc… This means that the car does not have a strictly defined architectural program. That implies a challenge: it must work for any activity that the cultural promoters schedule.

(source: Metalocus///Photographies copyright – Cyril Nottelet)


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