Theo Jansen’s structures.

New forms of life on the beaches that “will not get their energy from food, but from the wind.”

“I would like to tell you about a project which I started about 16 years ago, and it’s about making new forms of life. And these are made of this kind of tube — electricity tube, we call it in Holland — and we can start a film about that and we can see a little bit backwards in time.”

“ I want to put these forms of life on the beaches. And they should survive over there, on their own, in the future. Learning to live on their own, and it’ll take couple of more years to let them walk on their own.”

“The mechanical beasts will not get their energy from food, but from the wind. The wind will move feathers on their back, which will drive their feet. The beast walks sideways on the wet sand of the beach, with its nose pointed into the wind. As soon as it walks into either the rolling surf or the dry sand, it stops, and walks in the opposite direction.”