“Brilliant innovation with LED technology.”

“The lighting of the Institute for Energy Research of Catalonia (IREC), through Dr. Josep Carreras, just announced the existence of a new lighting project that can be used in home automation.

This proposal has been called smart light Ledmotive, And is based on two pillars that have given their name. On one side is the LED technology (which is high energy saving lamps with a life far superior to regular bulbs), and on the other a microprocessor that is in charge of managing and playing light.
Below we provide details of the main features of this new project, and all the same amenities offered under the banner of intelligent lighting.

– First of all it gives us the possibility to register a significant energy savings as the system studied, using a spectrometer, the places where it moves the person living in the house or building. In this way the system will turn off the lights of those places where the individual named circle. Thus IREC members are committed to environmental sustainability and the lighting control.

– The possibility that the system studied the behavior of people who inhabit the place, and turn off or turn on the lights depending on it, can also be considered as something that can be used for increased home security, since the variation Light can be used as a warning signal.

– On the other hand, has the ability to play innovative at the site where it is installed, for example light appears in a photograph of a landscape that we have taken with our mobile.

– Also gives us the possibility of modifying the light go inside our house, depending on the light that exists outside of it. On the other hand also makes it possible for us to use lighting devices as access points to the network

In short, these are some of the features and benefits of the new project Ledmotive IREC, which has generated a lot of buzz in the atmosphere.” (source: avilatinoamerica)


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(via avilatinoamerica)