Living la Plaza by Better Block

A documentary that shows the importance of the Dallas City Hall Plaza as a platform of social life. Focussed on the ideas of William “Holly” Whyte, this documentary explains the importance of paying attention to the places that are supposed to represent our identities.

As William “Holly” Whyte suggested, this plaza, built after the WWII, is one of many in the world that are deeply underutilised. In line with the ideas developed by Jane Jacobs during the 60’s, the Better Block group has researched on the reasons why people do not select these places in order to develop their daily life. Amongst other reasons, the Better Block group remarked their scale and the lack of elements that encourage people to stay there.

The importance of this documentary also lies on the fact that it highlights how places that do not represent the inhabitants of a city are not only places with a lack of identity, economic activity and usage; but also spaces with lack of common creativity and social negotiations.


(via Better Block)