Lixo e Luxo (Trash and Luxury) by Basurama in Rio de Janeiro


“In Love We Trash” project has carried Basurama to Rio de Janeiro after passing through cities like Bangkok, Casablanca, Istanbul, Cairo or Gdansk. Continue their environmental activism from the field of art developing, in a high scenic value environment, an initiative borned of a visual poem in the vein of his critical work with consumer habits. All that, thanks to the participants of a multidisciplinary workshop that helped hand in hand the collective.

“«For us the bag is the symbol of consumption. Is meant to be discarded and also is used to carry bought objects, which are to be consumed», explains Alberto Nanclares, 34, also founder of Basurama.

It is a Spanish art collective dedicated to launch queries about consumption and the contemporary economy through interventions, installations and art pieces. «In this case, we wanted to honor the visual poem “Lixo e Luxo” by Augusto de Campos», tells Alberto.”


“In order to achieve his feat, the group has launched a call for a workshop at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO). Ten Brazilian students have worked closely with the Spanish artists to the idea become a reality.

«It is a painstaking process: you have to open all the bags, one by one, put them together and combine them according to color. The pattern design of the letters is the only thing in which the computer was used. The rest was done manually on the floor by the students. We take care of every detail, we know how to cut the bags and how to design the pieces to fit», he adds.”



“«Only is sustained by the air and that concept is related to the housing bubble, the consumer, with the speculative bubble in Rio», says Alberto.

«See the materialization of our work has been indescribable. Only when we put the letters stand we realized the grandeur of the project. This ephemeral work that we built together has resulted in a poetic way, but without losing sight of its purpose», says Wanessa.

«The confrontation with Sugar Loaf Mountain first, and with the fantastic scenery of the Bay of Guanabara and Rio sunset allowed me to reflect on what can be considered a luxury. Luxury is a library and a public university, much as it is an expensive home in a restricted area, or as is the luxury of the landscape. However, there are key differences between them: the luxury collective which represents a public university is precisely a way of generating social, economic and even financial wealth, although this is endeavoring to count it as an expense or as a waste», speculates Alberto. ”


Interesting and visually powerful this proposal that, as we have read, arises and pretends to be raised relevant topics such as raising consumption patterns, the speculative culture or the luxury that could represent a decent education or the need to care the landscape.