“Madrid, te comería a versos” by Boamistura

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-MAGIA-EN-LAS-PISADAS_1603-magic in the footsteps

magic in the footsteps

Verses of poets and artists flooded the streets of Madrid these days. Boamistura intervenes again in the streets of the capital with sensitive messages painted on crosswalks of multiple streets. With this, is stolen the citizen’s attention providing a note of love amid the noise and speed of the day. A project that is filling the social networks with their photos as posts, creating a movement called #Vandalismosentimental. (emotional vandalism)

And this project is just as they say the same artists, “an act of love of artists and poets for our beloved Madrid.”

Madrid, te comería a versos is a personal project, in which no institutional or corporate engagement, and where “all artist involved in it have given their talent, their work and their effort in a sincere and altruistic form to humanize a little bit more our city.”


morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-MI-ALMA-LA-TRIPULA_2426-my soul is manned by the wind of your breath

my soul is manned by the wind of your breath

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-VOLAREMOS-SIN-MOVERNOS_2440-will fly without moving

will fly without moving

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-A-VECES-REIRSE_1693-sometimes laughing is the most serious

sometimes laughing is the most serious

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-ESTAS-EN-MI-LISTA_2534-you're on my list of dreams fulfilled

you’re on my list of dreams fulfilled

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-TODOS-TUS-PASOS_2247-all your steps are my wings

all your steps are my wings

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-LA-SILUETA-DEL-PECADO_2232-sin silhouette designed for me

sin silhouette designed for me

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-LO-MEJOR-NO-HA-PASADO_1856-the best, has been not past or is to come. it is happening

the best, has been not past or is to come. it is happening

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-MI-MAS-SENTIDO-BESAME_1148-my most heartfelt kiss me

my most heartfelt kiss me

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-PERDONA-RAPIDO_1902-forgive quickly. thank slow

forgive quickly. thank slow

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-QUE-LA-LINEA-QUE-MAS-CUIDES_2210-that the line which more take care, were your smile

that the line which more take care, were your smile

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-NO-HAY-IMPOSIBLES-SOLO-IMPROBABLES_1798-nothing is impossible, only improbable

nothing is impossible, only improbable

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-DUERME-MENOS_2325-sleep less and dream more

sleep less and dream more

morethangreen-more-than-green-madri-te-comeria-a-versos-boamistura-ME-SENTI-ASTRONAUTA_1996-I felt astronaut lost in your moles

I felt astronaut lost in your moles