MECHANISMS TO VISIBILIZE URBAN CONFLICTS: cinema, photography, research and social protest

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[By Julia Cervantes Corazzina, Ciudad Viva magazine]

“When carrying out projects aimed to ensure the right to housing and right to city, one of the main issues is the development of mechanisms that enable society to understand, describe, and criticize urban conflicts. Thus, criticizing the preexistent models is an imperative task and a very useful part of the environmental, economic, social, and cultural sustainable project. Therefore, the present paper aims to study several tools that, since the mid-twentieth century, have been employed by the society for both pointing out this

sort of conflicts and proposing alternatives to the existing models. From protests whose goal was to reclaim the right of participating in the design of the city to cinematographic examples from the 40s and 50s, we will revisit several initiatives that focus on problems of a city model where housing is not ensured to everyone and its inhabitants are not allowed to decide and negotiate about the use and design of the city.”

(via La Ciudad Viva)

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