Megurizaka pond renovation project involves children

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“The “Megurizaka pond renovation” project started in 2008 by creating a place for children to play and help restore nature to a small part of Kitakyushu City in southern Japan. The aim was to create an area for children’s play and ecological education that could also form a part of an ecological network in the urban zone.

A generation ago, children had access to wild lands and used them for exploring, challenging and exercising the skills needed to master a complex landscape and unforeseen situations. “Children’s play” is an important experience in learning about the structure of nature, but “environmental education” has been afforded much greater importance in primary and secondary school education in Japan since 2002. Thus, preserving open spaces as wildlife habitat where children can play would be a very important addition in urban areas. (…)

Thus, children at the school, their teachers and a number of university students participated in the planning and construction phases of the project  “Megurizaka pond renovation” and in making improvements to the park. At first, the children and the university students were surveyed about the kind of insects and plant life they hoped to find in the park. During workshops they were asked to make final presentations about their image of the park based on everything that had been talked about in the previous workshops. The children made suggestions for the water environment, in particular regarding fish, small aquatic insects and the depth of the water. They came out in favour of planting fruiting trees to attract birds and evergreen and deciduous trees to attract small animals and insects. Following this, the final drawing and model was completed by Keitaro ITO’s Laboratory (images above and below).

Planting trees was the students’ idea, and the park subsequently succeeded in attracting birds on numerous occasions. As a result, it was suggested that the park could become one of a number of habitats for bird and insects in this urban area.

In short, this city park not only provides the children with a place to play in a variety of ways but has also become a habitat for a number of living creatures such as birds, insects and fish.”



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