Mehdi Ghadyanloo paints Tehran

mehdi-ghadyanloo-tehran-3-more than green

“Making our city brighter: under this motto – and with permission from the municipal government – dozens of colourful murals are currently being created on Tehran’s otherwise rather bleak building exteriors. With his company, Blue Sky Painters, Iranian artist and designer Mehdi Ghandyanloo is transforming grey walls into fascinating, large-scale works of art. The colourful scenes are often quite surreal, for instance a man riding a bicycle vertically down the wall, cars whizzing through the sky, people walking upside down or a cloud raining directly over a (real) tree. In another mural, 3-D effects have been used to create the impression of the building folding up like an accordion. All of Ghandyanloo’s works fit seamlessly into their surroundings. The artist has already completed more than a hundred murals, hoping to “bring a bit of harmony, or at least colour, to the face of our smog-veiled city”. Source: Beautiful Life


(via Detail)

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