Metamorpolis: rural lifestyle in the concrete sprawl

Tim Franco and the huge urbanization of Chinese rural areas.

Tim Franco - more than green 06(© Tim Franco)

We are used to the photographies showing impresive skylines of Chinese metropolies. However, what Tim Franco shows us with these images is the reality of a Chinese rural area being urbanized in a very rapid way. Some surveys report that the population of one of these territories, Chongqing, increases 1,300 people per day. Not only the economic phenomenon related to this growth, but also its environmental effects produce remarkable changes in the way that Chinese people inhabits and experience their city. In 2010, the Chinese goverment launched a project to urbanize the rural territoty of Chongqing, the city where the images were taken.

The work of Tim Franco approaches the reality of a society that lives in a rural lifestyle while its context changes rapidly. The ArchDaily website has published a recent interview of this photographer, who not only explains his experience in Chongqing, but also points out the social effects of this type of urban development. Please, click here to real the full version of the interview.

 Tim Franco - more than green 02(© Tim Franco)

Interviewer: “You’ve already been documenting Chongqing’s urban expansion for five years. Have you noticed any changes in how the city is expanding?”

Tim Franco: “The changes I have witnessed in Chonqqing are tremendous! I have seen entire districts disappearing in the center of the city. Some of the houses destroyed were witnesses to the Kuomintang era when Chongqing was the capital of China. I have seen farmlands on the North side of the city being taken over by concrete roads and housing complexes, with farmers continuing to plant vegetables between highways or on the side of construction sites.”


(via ArchDaily)

Tim Franco - more than green 03(© Tim Franco) Tim Franco - more than green 05(© Tim Franco)