“MI Parque”

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Building green areas in a collective way. This NGO has focussed its work on some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Latin America. One amongst them is the territory of La Esperanza, in Chile. This neighbourhood, close to an illegal dump-site, suffered from the problems that are indirectly related to a conflictive use of the territory: drug trafficking or delinquency, amongst others. The situation changed when “MI Parque” celebrated the “Construction Day”; a building activity that encouraged the La Esperanza population to transform an empty space in the city. Not only the initiative provided a new social space with trees, plants, and urban furniture; it has also changed the identity of the neighborhood and built up a new sense of commons. One of the most interesting aspects of this project is that the social goal has been achieved throughout a physical urban transformation and the negotiation among citizens.

“MI Parque” initiative has intervened in other communities in Latin America. For further information, the website bellow shows clearly the philosophy of the project: communities can solve the city problems by renovating the urban spaces that represent the identity of a society.


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