Multi-Sensory Pathway in Boston

multi-sensory pathway boston-more than green 01

A project that encourages people walking in the city to be attentive to acoustics, smells, and visual aspects of the city. This intervention, developed by JJAMM,was part of an interesting competition that consisted of 72 hours of people designing urban facilities. Despite being low-cost, this proposal tackles one of the aspects that, according to Jane Jacobs, affects the city life in a greater way: how to make people be interested in what happens in the city scene. Jane Jacobs highlighted the importance of people interested in the city when one wants to create a vibrant urban environment. Thus, this intervention partially achieves that by helping citizens to understand the urban spaces that they inhabit.

The proposal consisted of wooden boards showing, amongst others, how to get to some specific point in the city, which sounds or smells are specific of such a place, or which interesting spaces you can find in adjacent urban areas. At the same time, the Multi-Sensory Pathway also achieves something essential for the urban environment: walkable connections across the city.


(via Uneven Growth)