NO AD, replacing ads in billboards with art

NO-AD-APP-1-more than green_6

NO AD is an augmented reality app that allows you to replace ads with art, a neat example of high-tech DIY Urbanism. It works with dozens of ads, turning your commute into a curated art experience.

“Subway commuters are inundated with advertisements on virtually every surface they come across along their daily journey, from the stairs leading to each platform to the passenger cars themselves. Places where a captive audience will stand around staring at the walls are an advertiser’s feast, but not everyone wants that kind of consumerism shoved down their throats every day.

Created by The Subway Art Blog and The Heavy Projects, which got dozens of artists to participate, the app for smartphones and tablets enables users to look at their environment in an altered way. Hold up your device and the ad that’s right in front of you will transform into a work of art before your eyes.”


(Vía Weburbanist)

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