“OuiShare is a collaborative economy project and was born as an experiment of collaborative organization. As laid down in our values, we are a flat, distributed and independent organization. Since OuiShare‘s beginnings, we have aimed to build a continuously evolving organization that has adaptability, flexibility and meritocracy (…)

To achieve its mission, Antonin, Flore, Edwin and Benjamin co-founded a non-profit legal structure (association) based in France in May 2012, as a legal vehicle to support the projects of the community. The governance structure that exists today has been developed by a distributed team of 20 individuals living across Europe who are growing the community locally and globally.”

“The collaborative economy is defined as practices and business models based on horizontal networks and participation of a community, transforming how we live, work and create.

This economy is built on distributed power and trust within communities as opposed to centralized institutions, blurring the lines between producer and consumer. These communities meet and interact on online networks and peer-to-peer platforms, as well as in shared spaces such as fablabs and coworking spaces.”


(via ouishare)