Pavement to Parks in San Francisco

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This project aims to transform the under-used urban spaces of San Francisco into social places.

The San Francisco Planning Department, the Department of Public Works, and the Municipal Transportation Agency, aware of the wide streets of their city, decided to launch a project to rethink how the streets are designed. According to the website of the project: “San Francisco’s streets and public rights-of-way make up 25% of the city’s land area; more space than all the public parks combined.”

Pavement to Parks_more than green (1)

However wide the streets of San Francisco are, these departements realised that the spaces aimed to be enjoyed by the people lacked. Then, they developed a series of interventions that “seek to test the possibilities of these underused areas of land by quickly and inexpensively converting them into new pedestrian spaces.”

Among these, they install benches, little gardens, and other types of furniture with the collaboration of the people inhabiting the transformed urban area.


(via Pavement to Parks )

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