Rain Palette by Dahea Sun

How can rain indicate the quality of the air by location and time?

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Rain Palette aims to provide an easy and poetic approach to visualising air quality through rainwater. The garments I have developed are dyed with natural dye that will change colour in reaction to the pH levels of rainwater. This project aims to provide an at-a-glance indication of atmospheric air quality, with the potential for wearers to record and upload rain pH readings online to create a global database of real-time environmental data.


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Based on material exploration with red cabbage dye, I applied as the form of apparel textiles using the property that alters colour by pH levels of the rain. At the same time, my design direction was in a sophisticated and poetic way.I focused on making exquisite samples combining traditional craft skills such as knitting, embroidery and crochet.

I have developed the way to maximize the beauty of colour changes from rain designed by ever-changing natural conditions, not by hand, so that people become aware and appreciate design by new responsive materials combining natural science in a textile context.

I believe that the potential for a new approach with natural materials to provide indication for sustainability can play an innovative and significant role in the textile and fashion industry.


 (via materiability.com)

Consider from More Than Green, the Rain Palette project as a true example of environmental sustainability. To clothing everyday is incorporated by textile treatments, an important environmental value to our daily lives and the future of our cities. The dress color not only indicates the index of environmental pH, but also generates, by sharing data through the app, comparison mechanisms and discussion.

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